Upskilling women for employment, Pakistan

For twelve weeks a year at our Batapur factory in Pakistan, many women undertake training at our Upper Stitch Training Centre. Open to employees’ families and women living in the nearby community, the program is free of cost and teaches stitching skills that can lead to gainful employment. After training is completed, the women receive a certificate as well as a cash stipend.

Gender equality is critical to economic and social development. According to the Global Gender Gap Index, Pakistan consistently ranks at the bottom tier of all world countries for gender equality. Programs such as Bata’s empower women in the village to participate in the labor market and provide for their families.

The training experience has led many women to find stable incomes. Seventy percent of the trainees now work in established stitching units, including at Bata.

70 %

Trainees find employment in stitching units