Our Vision

To move towards a circular life cycle for Bata shoes


Reducing our electricity and energy consumption

We reduce energy usage in our facilities, including factories, stores, and offices through more efficient lighting and investments in equipment.

We are committed to reducing “miles per shoe” by reducing logistics between manufacturer, distributor, and retailer


Reducing our annual water usage and eliminating toxic solvents

Water is an important resource in our production, and reducing our water usage in factories stores and offices is a priority.

Eco-friendly and safe, water-based adhesives are used without solvents in our manufacturing processes


Moving toward a circular economy

We extend our product lifespan by finding ways to introduce components that can biodegrade, be returned, or re-used.

Our designs strive to incorporate more recycled materials, including rubber parts and re-used scraps.

We implement recycling programs that help our consumers to participate in sustainable opportunities to re-purpose and extend the life of their shoes.


Sourcing our materials sustainably

We increase our sourcing of sustainable materials as we expand our development of eco-friendly design and solutions.

Our suppliers are vetted for labor practices, health and safety through third-party audits.