Our Vision

To improve the life of every person touched by Bata


Empowering employees and ensuring their health and safety

We are committed to the development of operational excellence that leads to the production of footwear in a safe, clean and stimulating workplace for all our employees.

We promote gender equality at the workplace, ensure equal pay, competitive wages and opportunities for advancement

We hope to improve the life of every person touched by Bata. This value has always been embedded in our business, and we challenge ourselves every day to put people at the center of what we do.


Enabling women and children to reach their potential

We place special focus on empowering women in developing countries who can often provide greater economic mobility for their families with the proper training, childcare support, and opportunities.

We enable children to fulfill their potential by supporting their physical development with health initiatives and personal development with educational opportunities, and investment in schools through the Bata Children’s Program. We produce school shoes across the world, and donate many pairs to children who would not be able to attend school otherwise.


Collaborating with communities and give our employees a chance to volunteer

We create opportunities for business collaboration in local communities

Our employees regularly volunteer and are encouraged to participate in our employer-led volunteer opportunities, such as the Bata Children’s Program.