Our Chief Digital Officer shares his Insights on Consumer Experience

19 April 2023
Our Chief Digital Officer shares his Insights on Consumer Experience

Roger Graell, our Chief Digital Officer, has given an interview to Modaes, the leading economic information newspaper for the fashion business in Spain.

In the interview, Roger emphasizes the importance of aesthetics and personalization in the shopping experience to win over consumers. He states that the digital presence of a brand plays an increasingly important role in the fashion sector and that it is essential to make consumers fall in love with the brand.

According to Roger, personalization is a key aspect of the digital business of any brand. He believes that despite the acceleration of the digitization of retail caused by the pandemic and confinement, we are still in the early years of this process. Roger also emphasizes that there is still a lot to be done in terms of personalizing the consumer experience and omnichannel.

With over twenty years of experience in the fashion distribution sector, Roger began his career at Pimkie and has since held various roles in marketing, ecommerce, and project management. He is also an associate professor at Esic, where he teaches online business and digital marketing.

Roger believes that operational excellence is one of the greatest attractions for a brand, but he tries to avoid the concept of a digital company. Instead, he argues that brands should focus on organizing the consumer, who is present in both online and physical stores. Bata operates with a network of over 6,000 points of sale worldwide, making it one of the largest international footwear operators.

To bring the shopping experience to the online channel, brands need to be consistent in their values and purpose, regardless of the channel in which they interact with consumers, according to Roger.