Exciting News from AW LAB!

14 April 2023
Exciting News from AW LAB!

We are proud to announce our innovative approach to retail, which combines digitalization and in-store experiences. Through customized monitors, consumers can stay up to date with the latest campaigns and trends. Our stores feature AW LAB's iconic blue and neutral grey hues, creating a space that highlights our collection's vibrant colours. 

General Manager David Pujolar Segura shared, "The idea for this new concept dates back to 2019, but after a few weeks, Covid halted everything. The need for change arose before the pandemic, from the realization that there was a need to meet the new demands of consumers." 

Our commitment to personalized customer experiences is reflected in our "phygital" approach. While digitalization is a growing trend, we ensure that our brick-and-mortar stores remain essential for customer engagement. Our dedicated team focuses on creating inclusive, genderless, and omnichannel proposals to strengthen our customer loyalty. 

We are thrilled to announce upcoming projects, such as "Play with music," in partnership with Nss, as well as strategies that focus on communication and marketing. We are also excited to launch a new TikTok channel with the help of the BCube agency. Our goal is to create customized content for each platform and target our audience with positivity, inclusivity, and a "lead by her" approach. 

As a brand present in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, with 258 stores, our primary market is Italy, which generates 80% of our turnover, while Spain accounts for the remaining 20%. We are proud to announce that our revenue grew by 7% in 2022 compared to the previous year. 

Read the full article: https://www.pambianconews.com/2023/04/13/aw-lab-riparte-dal-cliente-e-lancia-il-nuovo-store-concept-371629/