Bata South Africa celebrates World Food Day

19 October 2022
Bata South Africa celebrates World Food Day
Bata South Africa and the Bata Children’s Program believe in giving children a step ahead by providing and creating access to the resources children need to grow to their full potential.

In celebration of World Food Day, our Bata South African HQ rallied to help plant a vegetable patch for children at the Qhubekani Creche, located close to our factory in Loskop, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Statistics show that thousands of children are not fed three meals a day and sometimes do not have access to food of high nutritional value. In helping to address this, we spent time with the toddlers at the creche, who were eager to assist in planting this vegetable patch.

Leading South African cereal manufacturer, Future Life, rose to the occasion by donating enough boxes of cereal for the children to enjoy at school and take home.

This donation means a great deal. October is World Mental Health Month, and the link between nutritious food and well-being is significant. We hope that with a full tummy, the children will be able to learn and prosper.

Thank you to everyone who worked together to create this vegetable patch for the little ones to enjoy and to be able to harvest nutritious vegetables in the future. The food we grow today becomes the food we eat tomorrow!