Bata Perú celebrates International Youth Day

12 August 2022
Bata Perú celebrates International Youth Day

As part of the celebration of Youth Day, on Friday, August 12, an activity was held by our team in Bata Perú at the Fe y Alegría School No. 65 through the Bata Children's Program, with the aim of motivating students in the 5th year of secondary school to continue their studies after completing their schooling.

The first part of the activity was a presentation of the company, how it is organised and how the career path of the work teams is developed. It also included the participation of three interns and volunteers from the programme who today make up the great Bata Peru family: Raquel Noé, Sergio Casana and Angela Solorzano. They shared their beginnings in the company, experiences, activities they carry out and aspirations for their personal and professional development. They ended with some practical advice for the participants.

The activity culminated with a vocational orientation test that was applied to the 32 participants, a tool that will be of great help for them to better identify their skills and abilities, and accordingly guide the choice of a professional or technical career.

About the activity, Karen Franco - HR Business Partner of Capital Humano - mentioned: "We want today's young people to be part of the world of opportunities that we currently have in the Peruvian labour market. For this we need them to continue preparing and training, not only at a cognitive level, but also at a soft skills level, an aspect that is of utmost importance to develop in order to be a competitive professional."