Bata Forum - Product Innovation Award

23 February 2023
Bata Forum - Product Innovation Award

The Bata award for product innovation was presented during the most recent edition of our Bata Forum Gala Ceremony.
This year, three truly future-oriented initiatives from our teams in Bata India LimitedBata Thailand and Bata Global were shortlisted for the best product innovation.
We are delighted to congratulate our winning team from Bata India, for their inspiring innovative journey, which led to the creation of Floatz shoes. A product built with a new technology which allows for increased slip resistance, energy return and impact absorption. Through a rigorous ideation process, our team developed a hugely popular product aligned with current consumers’ preferences.
Stay tuned for our next collection of Floatz shoes, which should come out this year and for even further technological advances thanks to the outstanding work of our team represented by Nilanjan Chakrabarty, Vishal, and yogendra singh.
Find out more about the development of this innovative product, detailed in the project video below!