Why work at Bata?

People are at the heart of what we do. From the consumers and customers we serve, to the communities in which we operate, to the employees who drive our success year after year. Through our CSR programs, volunteering and philanthropy, we deepen our connections with the company, our colleagues and the communities in which we operate.

What we offer

Competitive salary, generous benefits and a respect for work-life balance form the foundation of what we offer at Bata. We then go the extra mile to train and equip our employees to make the most of the opportunities available to them. We provide industry-leading development programsto foster a culture of teamwork, integrity and excellence in everything we do. As a global brand, we value diversity and mobility, encouraging our people to pursue positions in new regions that will help them grow professionally and personally. Our multicultural leadership team is representative of this commitment and our brand’s international footprint.

At Bata, we’re focused on making beautiful, comfortable and affordable shoes. If you have a passion for footwear, fashion and exciting customers, you could go far with a career at Bata.

  • Leadership is part of our DNA at Bata. Our founder, Tomas Bata, believed that in order to do a job well we must lead by example. We expect our managers to show this quality: gaining the trust of their colleagues by communicating clearly and acting decisively in challenging situations. The Bata management team is responsible for bringing out the best in their staff, understanding individuals’ strengths to progress their careers and Bata’s success.

  • Our marketers work tirelessly to understand the needs of our customers. Researching the latest global footwear trends since 1894, they know how to sell shoes to a global market, whether it’s in Delhi, Mexico City or Geneva. Successful marketers share a sense of curiosity, a thirst for learning and a sharp analytical mind. Our teams anticipate the changes in the world of fashion, footwear and communication, creating strategies and campaigns that will give Bata a competitive edge.

  • Running a successful global brand requires careful planning. To reach our markets around the world, Bata has built a strategic logistics and distribution network, ensuring that every customer gets the shoes they want when they want them, no matter where they are. How we get raw materials to factories and then the end product to the customer is a constantly shifting process; our supply chain personnel work tirelessly to understand the market demand and make the path to the consumer as smooth as possible. Our team is made up of clear thinkers who understand the power of a robust process and can anticipate challenges ahead.

  • Technology has become central to everything we do at Bata. From the factory floor to our retail stores and to the boardroom, we rely on effective systems and connectivity to keep our business moving forward. Our IT professionals make this progress possible by finding practical fixes for everyday issues and innovative solutions to address tomorrow’s challenges. We seek out IT staff that go above and beyond and find not only the solution, but the best solution – personalities that are constantly looking for better ways to do their job and to make the business more efficient.

  • A few things have changed since we started doing business in 1894. How people shop in the 21st century is a major shift. Mastering E-commerce and being competitive online is essential to our business. Our team mixes technology and marketing know-how to make sure our customers can find the shoes the need, while helping Bata reach new customers and markets. A deep knowledge of online platforms, algorithms, product optimization and shifting digital trends is what we look for in our E-commerce wizards.

  • As a family business, we want our employees to be treated like family. Monitoring job satisfaction, protecting employee interests, handling contracts and responding to everyday requests is what’s required to keep our family happy and motivated. Our empathetic HR teams work proactively to improve the working conditions and the lives of their colleagues all over the world. Understanding people is a must in this position, but so is a patient and critical eye when dealing with paperwork.

  • Our global operation relies on a flexible and agile financial system. Accurate reporting, accounting, forecasting and management helps to maintain the financial and operational health of Bata worldwide. Our team of financial professionals spend their days gathering and analyzing information to inform and devise strategies that will drive Bata’s business forward. A passion for numbers and business, and the ability to see an opportunity, is what sets our financial team apart. 

Interview with Valeria Cordero Lorenzetti

Q: What is your current role (and department) and how long have you been in this position?

A: I am a Regional HR Analyst for the Latin American region. I’ve been in this role since March 2021, after I gained experience in different departments in the company, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Marketing.

Q: How long have you worked for Bata and which locations have you worked in?

A: I started my career with Bata in early 2018, so almost four years ago. Since day one, I have worked in our Bolivian headquarters in Cochabamba. It’s where I went to university, so I know the city well. It’s a great place to live and work.

Q: What are the most important skills for being successful in your current position? How did you learn or develop these skills?

A: I think a mix of solid communication skills and the ability to connect with people (interpersonal skills) has helped me progress in my career, getting me to where I am today, and will surely help me continue growing in Bata.

Working in CSR and Marketing allowed me to build and improve those skills, dealing with different employees within Bata as well as with our partners and different groups through our CSR initiatives, such as the Bata Children’s Program. My experience has definitely given me an appreciation of the various roles and responsibilities at Bata, what’s relevant to the business and, how we want to positively impact the lives of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Such understanding has helped me carry out my various responsibilities to the best of my ability, especially when it comes to training our LATAM talents and working on employee retention.

Q: How would you describe the culture at Bata?

A: I would describe the culture as supportive and nurturing. Since arriving at Bata, I have been given opportunities and the tools I need to make the most of those opportunities. The people around you do their best to share knowledge and skills, helping you to do your job better and creating a special work environment.

Giving back to our communities has always been a feature of the Bata culture. And it isn’t something we just talk about. We have serious, impactful programs that make a real difference in the lives of many – promoting education, gender equality, and tolerance all over the world. Working for a company that commits to its values like this creates a proud and engaged workforce.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Bata and would you recommend Bata as an employer?

A: Bata is a global company, but it feels like a local one. We are invested in, and committed to, our local markets - in my case, I was able to experience this in Bolivia - and that resonates with employees, consumers, and customers. At the same time, we can benefit from a global infrastructure, learning from other markets, sharing expertise, and, if we want, to work in different markets and see the world. We get the best of both worlds: the tight-knit market community and the global Bata family.